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PRESIDENT               Merri Owen

TREASURER              Jay Todd

SECRETARY              Judy Lohman

BOARD MEMBERS  Jessica Denney

                                  Beth Sawyer

                                  Jim Naphas

                                 Allison Kostiuk

                                  Amy Rudley, Esq.

                                  Staci Scheetz, Esq.

                                  Eileen Salmon

                                  Frank Trosky, Esq.

                                  Rob Uyehara, Esq.


Welcome to the Pitman Education Foundation!

Thank you for your interest in our organization.
The Pitman Education Foundation was organized in 1994 by four Pitman parents who wanted to provide additional educational opportunities for their children. Since that time the PEF has given hundreds of mini-grants to teachers, averaging $400 to $500 each, for a total of over 171,000 to pay for projects, equipment and field trips not funded by the school district. These mini-grants have positively impacted the lives of thousands and thousands of Pitman youngsters! In order to continue fulfilling our mission of enriching the education and school experience of the students in the Pitman School System, we have established a trust fund to ensure our future success.


Save the Date!!!

2013 Panther Prowl 5K Run/400 Meter Kids' Fun Run - October 12th, 2013

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